Wine Tower Decanting & Aerator Set

Enhance Your wine tasting experience with the Wine Tower Aerator by The Wine Savant. Get it right to the last drop. The Wine Tower Aerator by The Wine Savant employs a unique method of aerating the wine that provides a more complete aeration experience than ever before, guaranteed. The Wine Savant’s Wine Tower Aerator is the most convenient way to aerate your wine.
The Wine Tower Aerator is a clever set of 3 glass aerators that are designed to optimize both your wine’s taste and bouquet. Simply pour your wine into the top chamber, where it cascades past each aerator in sequence, opening up more of your wine's rich flavor with each step. The wine travels through the second glass and down the spiral to the decanter. The result is improved flavor and aroma. Pour, aerate and drink your wine all from the same glass with this Wine Tower Aerator.
Providing a uniquely lovely, hands-free way to aerate, decant and serve wine, the Wine Tower seamlessly blends form and function. The tower measures 22" in height and 10" in width and the decanter holds up to 2250ml of wine; up to three 750ml bottles! Any wine expert will tell you that aerating your wine is essential to letting it breathe and opening its full flavor potential. With this amazing wine tower, aeration happens at the exact moment of pouring!
This unique set towers right over your decanter, so when you pour your wine, it flows through the tower’s chamber and spirals down into your decanter. The air mixes with the wine as it is pouring, instantly enhancing the taste and aroma of your favorite vintage! As you pour, the angular construction and unique design features a waterfall effect that further helps to oxygenate the wine. This is a fantastic gift idea for any wine lover in your life!
The Wine Savant's wine tower aerator is a fun, elegant device designed to oxygenate wine faster and more effectively. This aerator is a delight for both the casual and expert wine drinker. It also helps enhance the flavors of young wines, allowing you to receive maximum taste satisfaction from every bottle you open. Whether you display it in your chateau or just in your humble abode, The Wine Savant's Wine Tower Aerator is both a statement in artistry and engineering