The Booby Pillow

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$109.99 $149.99you save $40.00

This breastful bundle Includes:

The Booby Pillow

1 Black Yoga Top Cover

1 Red Dancer Cover

1 Logo Tote Carry Bag

The curve of The Booby Pillow will hold your head comfortably in bed or while leaning back on your couch. Plus the boobs perfectly cradle your head from either side.

A bountiful 15 inches (38 cm) wide and equipped with biggie F size breasts. The Booby Pillow helps lower stress thanks to its design that lets you hold and squeeze breasts. The high density memory foam ergonomically shapes to your body and head making it the perfect pillow.

The tight form fitting covers are great for cuddling or watching TV. Squeezing our ergonomic Boobs pillow is guaranteed to make you feel better. Reduce anxiety and stress simply by cuddling. Plus research shows that holding and looking at breasts is known to help reduce stress even further.

Our goal with this cover was to create something as form fitting as possible with as few visible seams as possible. The end result is a cover that is incredibly soft to the touch as well as visually simple letting the shape speak for itself.

The Booby Pillow itself is made of 100% high density memory foam. The pillow is designed to be similar to that of cup-size F breasts. That makes the shape not only beautiful to look at but also incredibly comfortable.

Use the Booby Pillow to sleep, watch tv, read a book or to cuddle in bed. It also makes a one of a kind gift that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Or show it off at home for your guests to see. It’s guaranteed to spark great conversation.

Discreet Packaging: Your privacy is extremely important to us which is why we ship in discreet packaging using plain brown boxes.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you aren’t completely satisfied just return within 14 days for a full refund.

Care: Memory foam has a very soft feel which is why we highly recommend you use your pillow with the cover on. The cover is designed to protect the memory foam and give you the most firm yet comfortable feel possible.