Taylor Swift Candles (Swift Wicks)


Enjoy our new “Swift Wicks” collection-inspired by pop icon Taylor Swift. Pick from 6 of these Swiftie-inspired scents!


-All Too Well (Scent: Fall Leaves / Notes: Lemon, Cedarleaf, Pine, Earthy Musk)


-Folklore (Scent: Macintosh Apple / Notes: Tart Green Apple, Woodsy Musk)


-Taylor’s Version (Scent: Pink Marshmallow Clouds / Notes: Vanilla Whipped Cream, Marshmallows, Magnolia Blossom, Sandalwood)


-Anti-Hero (Scent: Citrus Sunrise / Notes: Fresh Citrus, Zesty Cilantro, Verbena, Jasmine, Musk)


-Swiftie (Scent: Friday Nights / Notes: Orange, Jasmine, Amber, Woodsy Musk)


-Lavender Haze (Scent: Lavender Clouds / Notes: Lavender, Ozone, Wood)


-Bejewled (Scent: Fruity Loopies / Notes:  Sweet Orange, Tangy Cherry, Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood)


•8 Oz.

•Our candles and candles wax melts are poured with All Natural premium soy blend wax.

•Our candles and wax melts typically require up to 2 weeks of “curing time”, which is also known as the time after they are poured to the time it is ready to burn (with the best scent throw). In the event that you purchase a candle that we are low in stock of, you may be sent a freshly poured candle or wax melt that we create just for your order. Freshly poured candles/melts will come with an attached note indicating the “Best Burn After”/“Best Melt After” date, which is essentially the date that we recommend waiting to burn after to get the most potent scent. You do not have to follow this date as our powerhouse scents can even throw good as soon as the next day after pouring, but it is reccomended for the best experience and value to wait until after the date if you receive a product with a Best Burn/Melt After date.

•Color of wax may slightly vary from the pictured photo.

•Please be sure to follow the Candle Care Instructions listed on the bottom of your candle and on the included Care Card to achieve the cleanest burn.