Pope Francis *RIDE A LONG* Perforated Decal


The Pope will bless drivers as you pass them by. Our Ride-A-Long perforated window decals give the appearance of someone (or something) riding behind you. These have tiny holes in them so you can view through them from inside of the vehicle. 

  • Designed for use on rear driver side window
  • Sticks on the outside of window
  • Easy to attach and reposition as needed
  • Durable and UV protected against weather and fading
  • Made in USA

Approximate measurements:

  • 11.8" wide x 11.45" tall 

Dry Install: Clean and dry window thoroughly prior to install. Installs best when window is not hot to touch and out of direct sunlight. Removal is best when temps are warmer to avoid damaging.

Wet Install (allows easier movement of the decal after applying): After removing back, spray window and back of decal with soapy water. Apply decal to window and move into place. Use a squeegee or credit card to push out water and bubbles. Gently wipe excess water. Wait a few hours to completely dry before touching or rolling window down.