Over the Rainbow Bath Bomb



How FUN is this Over the Rainbow Bath Bomb??

The bath bomb starts out as a white cloud and once it is put in the bath, a rainbow will spew from the cloud. Kids and adults will love it - it's a MUST BUY!!

Scented with "Monkey Farts" - a delicious fruity scent.

- Long-lasting bath bomb
- Safe ingredients

Large 6.5-7.0oz!

Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Epsom Salt
Kaolin Clay
Cream of Tartar
Corn Starch
Distilled Water
Sweet Almond Oil
PS 80
Fragrance Oil
Batch certified dyes

**Please use caution when exiting your tub as oils may remain leaving it slick

**Rinses away, won’t stain your tub!

**embed colors may vary

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