Middle Finger Air Freshener


The roadways are jam-packed full of shitty drivers, and we know you give these assholes the one-finger salute. But why not give all these dip-shits the finger, ALL of the time? Now you can, thanks to these badass middle-finger air fresheners!  

These awesome air fresheners have the delightfully light scent of fresh laundry and are double-sided/reversible (curled fingers on one side, knuckles out on the other) so it can look and feel like it's you actually flipping the bird!

The scent (fresh laundry) is light and not too overpowering, but strong enough to cover up that stank you've become nose-blind to! Plus, you can choose from two color options, light skin or dark skin. These give a whole new meaning to, "Smell my finger!"


  • Your Choice of Color (Light or Dark)
  • Smells Like Fresh Laundry
  • Double Sided/Reversible