I Got My Ass Ate at Trader Joe's: Funny Vintage Strapback Cap - Custom Embroidered


🍑 A Hat That’s Full of Flavor 🍑

Introducing the cap that tells it like it is—because sometimes a grocery run at Trader Joe’s turns into a whole adventure! Our "I Got My Ass Ate at Trader Joe's" vintage strapback cap is custom embroidered for those who like to keep things spicy and hilarious.

👒 Features:

Custom Embroidery: Bold, cheeky, and guaranteed to turn heads in the frozen aisle.
Vintage Style: Retro vibes for the modern-day adventurer.
Adjustable Strapback: Perfect fit for every head that dares to wear it.
🍷 Why Wear It? 🍷

For those epic Trader Joe’s tales that deserve to be shared.
Perfect for turning mundane errands into memorable escapades.
Because life’s too short not to have a laugh—and a great hat.
😂 Laugh Loud, Shop Proud 😂

Slip on this cap and let the world know you’ve got stories. From the organic produce to the unexpected adventures, make every trip to Trader Joe’s legendary!