Skull Blood Candles (2 Pack)

  • The Skull Blood Halloween Candles 2 Pack is a great addition to your room décor. It is expertly handcrafted with attention to detail and adorned with eerie red candles. A skull-shaped candle to place on your desk, windowsill, or table that will add a luxury feel to your home décor. It's one of the best options for giving more life and style to your décor. Our skull candles set of 2 combines fresh scents with a repurposed skull.
  • This unique and trendy decorative candle is handmade. This candle makes a spooky addition to your home décor and is a great way to add personality to any room. The double candles are perfect for bringing a spooky vibe to all parts of your home. When lit, the red candles drip down the skull, creating a blood-like effect that is sure to be a conversation starter at your next Halloween party.
  • Add these skull candles to your home today. Enjoy the beauty of Halloween while showing off your intricate décor with these spectacular accent pieces! The Skull Blood Halloween Candles 2 Pack is great for your home or office.
  • A fun and unique candle to make your spooky-themed party preparations more scary and atmospheric. Skulls, and blood-colored wax. Do you see? They Breathe. They live! This candle is designed to look like a skull with its skeletal and bony head figure, given an even more scary effect with the blood-colored candle wax!
  • This detailed skeleton candle holder looks like it came straight out of an old horror film! When the wax is melted away, the skeleton head looks like it has been taking straight out of a horror movie, giving your guests an eerie surprise. Whether you choose to burn it for its spooky appearance or light it to give off a warm glow, what a great way to enhance your decor year-round