Miss Fortune Cookies


Introducing Miss Fortune Funny Cookies - the perfect treat for anyone with a twisted sense of humor and a love for the macabre! These vanilla cookies may look innocent on the outside, but on the inside, they're packed with fortunes so dark, they make Edgar Allan Poe look like Dr. Seuss. With messages like "You will soon be haunted by your student loan debt" and "Your future is as bright as a black hole," these cookies will have you laughing, crying, and questioning your life choices all at once. And don't worry, they're 100% vegan, so even your most ethically-conscious friend can indulge in some bleak humor. So whether you want to make someone's day or completely ruin it, grab a bag of Miss Fortune Funny Cookies and let the dark humor flow!

NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED: Beware! These are our bleakest creations yet. These fortunes are dark. Like, really dark

DEVILISHLY RED: You know from the moment you open Miss Fortunes, trouble is brewing.

MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY or completely ruin it. Up to you.

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Otherwise that would be gross.

100% VEGAN: Unlike those other fortune cookies that are full of meat.

NO REPEAT GUARANTEED: 12 unique messages in every bag!

FAST-FREE SHIPPING: All orders ship within 24 hours, and that's no joke.

The cookies are vanilla. The messages inside are anything but. This is our bleakest creation yet, with fortunes so dark, we could only get them printed in New Jersey. Make someone's day, or completely ruin it -- up to you!

4.5" l x 2.5" w x 9.5" h

5 oz