Endless Mom Prank Mother's Day Card


Ships within 24 hours

Looking for a humorous and unique way to wish your mother a happy Mother's Day? Look no further than the Mother's Day Card from Dick at Your Door.

Our irreverent and humorous Mother's Day card is sure to make your recipient smile, with a cheeky message that's perfect for the occasion. But the real surprise comes when the card is opened, revealing a never-ending chorus of mom-mommy-ma-mother-ma-ma that will play continuously for up to four hours, thanks to our innovative prank technology.

And if that wasn't enough, the card also includes a hidden glitter bomb that will be triggered when the recipient tries to destroy the card, adding another layer of humor to the prank. Our Mother's Day Card is printed on high-quality cardstock, ensuring that it will last long after the initial surprise has worn off.