Stemmed Skeleton Champagne Glasses Set of 4


It's a ghoulish good time always with our Stemmed Skeleton Hand Champagne glasses! A must have for Halloween or any time of the year you want to celebrate the macabre. Be a little more frightening at your next dinner party! This spooky Champagne glass set is a great gift for any champagne lover! Perfect for Halloween and beyond, the design of this two-piece set recalls a vintage ossuary. Scare the heck out of your guests while they enjoy their favorite champagne.

Terrify and delight your guests when you dress up your next party with the Set of 4 Stemmed Skeleton Glasses that each hold 7 oz of your favorite champagne. Your drinks will be even more delicious in these spooky glasses. A skeleton hand is depicted in an elegant form adorning the glass that holds your favorite champagne in a silver finish. These glasses are designed to spook your guests, your visitors and yourself when you look at them. An eerie and elegant addition to any occasion.

Don't get too excited, our skeleton glasses won't scare you away completely. Made of durable borosilicate glass, the skeleton hand stemmed champagne glass pair is a great conversation piece and will give your Halloween table setting an interesting look. Each glass holds up to 7 ounces and measures approximately 9” in height. Dishwasher safe and lead-free so they are super easy to keep clean. Make sure your Halloween themed party isn't missing the perfect glasses!

These two beautifully detailed human-like skeleton hands emerge from below the glass surface and offer an eerie contrast. Raise a glass to Halloween! Stemming from a deep bone chilling passion of wine and all things creepy, this is an ideal gift for Halloween or wine and champagne enthusiasts and makes a great impression during holiday parties. A fun glass that is complemented with a classy, molded skeleton hand design. Our stemmed champagne glasses are reminiscent of a spooky, skeletal feel.