Shipping policy

Domestic Orders (U.S.A.)

First Class mail is our standard shipping method. It is available for all domestic orders whose content does not exceed the weight limit designated by USPS. This is the cheapest and most common shipping method chosen. Packages will normally arrive at their destinations within 3 – 7 business days from the time they are shipped.
USPS Priority Mail is our expedited shipping method, and is slightly faster then first class mail. We calculate the rate based on the size of the order and the kind of priority mail package that will need to be used. Packages shipped using this method will normally arrive within 2 – 3 business days from the time they are shipped.

International Orders (outside U.S.A)


Please note that international shipments may take up to an additional 2-3 weeks to process


Customers who live outside the U.S. should be aware that some countries will require payment of customs and/or brokerage fees upon delivery. These fees are not included during checkout of the SUATMM store. We do not have any control over these fees, nor do we receive any portion of the money that is collected from them. Therefore SUATMM is NOT responsible for packages that are returned due to non-payment of customs fees. 
We are proud to say that we ship packages world wide. However, please keep in mind that we are unaware of your local laws, and therefore YOU (the customer) assume any/all risk associated with shipping. What that means is that once your package leaves our hands there is NOTHING we can do from that point. All international mail is shipped using our domestic mail carrier (i.e. USPS), then after it arrives in the destination country, and clears customs it will then be handed off to whomever the local mail carrier for that region is. Note: Customers are responsible for all customs and duty fees when importing products into their country.