Penis Puzzle


The Penis Puzzle is a creative way to beat- off boredom. We went to great lengths to include every penis type known to men, so you can create your very own map of male members.

Keep your eyes peeled for such household names as “Schlong Dong Silver”, “Womb Raider” and “Knob Ross”!

Don’t get too cocky though, as this puzzle is likely to get harder the more you play with it. If you find mundane jigsaws hard to swallow, then you’ll love this 1000-piece puzzle that depicts 200 dick pics.

- 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
- Features 200 dick pics
- With slang and pun names for each member
- It's the hardest adult puzzle out there
- And the only way to beat off boredom

2.46" l x 6.1" w x 9.09" h

1.37 lb