Octopus Kraken Chest Wine & Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Glasses

  • The Octopus Kraken Chest Set Decanter with 2 Glasses by The Wine Savant is a beautiful and functional piece that will be the center of attention at any dinner party. This stylish, novelty shaped decanter holds 22 ounces of wine, or any spirit you enjoy drinking straight from the bottle. The two glasses will keep your wines separated until they are poured into one of the stunning pieces that compliment this collection.
    Turn your home into a cozy nautical retreat with the Octopus Kraken Chest Set Decanter by The Wine Savant. This set includes an exquisite kraken chest decanter that can hold your favorite wine, & 2 glasses for enjoying it. This functional gift will prove useful in any home bar, as well as a nice addition to any living room. Take a stab at the Kraken with this set. The octopus motif has a special place in wine lore, being both a symbol of wealth & good fortune, but also a sign of danger.
    The unique, asymmetric shape helps the wine breathe is easy to pour, with a great modern design thatโ€™s perfect for entertaining! Imagine setting the table for a dinner party and then looking in your pantry to see a perfectly-crafted figurine of an octopus squirting wine from its tentacles. Well, that's exactly what you can do with the Octopus Kraken Chest Set Decanter with 2 Glasses by The Wine Savant.
    Make a statement at your next dinner party with this unique wine decanter. The octopus is crafted to resemble the tentacles of a kraken, an aquatic monster of myth who was said to have ensnared ships in its tentacled grasp. This stunning set includes a decanter and 2 glasses, each accented with the tentacles of this dreadful sea creature in bright colors equipped with the elegant chest.
    This stunning octopus-themed decanter and wine glass set by The Wine Savant is the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine. Prove your knowledge of the sea and impress your guests with this octopus-themed Kraken Chest Set decanter. The high-quality borosilicate glassware paired with the ornate, detailed carvings on this set make it a perfect conversation piece that doubles as a fully functional wine or spirit decanter.