Happy F*cking Birthday - Never Ending Birthday Card


Our Famous Never-Ending Greeting Cards are back! Anonymously send the most confusing and offensive cards you never knew you needed


Embarrass your officemate in front of his boss. Make gam gam uncomfortable at her birthday. Give someone a card that loops a vulgar and definitely NOT safe for work song while they are studying in the library. The sky is the limit with our new Patented Technology

Happy F*cking Birthday!!! The Never-ending birthday song is designed to be the life of your next birthday party. Whether you're having us write the custom message and send on your behalf anonymously, or getting in on the action and giving your target the gift in person, this birthday is going to get weird.


  • Up to four hours of continuously looping vulgar birthday songs to make them the center of attention. 
  • Anonymously sent activate with your custom message already inside
  • The only way to stop the music is to destroy the card
  • When destroyed, a payload of fine glitter is there to make one final joke
  • maximum satisfaction knowing you have played the ultimate birthday prank

We all have those friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances who deserve the best of the best. That's why we developed our Never-ending* Singing Cards for your enjoyment.

Anonymously send the card they will never forget. With up to four hours of looping embarrassing and funny sounds, these cards are designed for maximum confusion, frustration, and...well....embarrassment. Check out our entire lineup of cards here for all your favorite occasions.

Whether it's a birthday, the holidays, Valentine's Day, or just because, we know the greeting card game will never be the same again.