The World's Best Granny Panties


Description: Feeling like the cooch isn’t getting enough attention? Has it been so long that cobwebs have begun to form? Well cast those worries out the door because I have just the solution for you. Named sexiest panties of the year, these “Golden Panties” will surely have heads turning. And not just your 70-year-old pervy uncle! These “Granny Panties” have satisfaction guaranteed. Can’t get laid? No problem, just slip on these panties and you’ll receive the pleasure of a lifetime. Be the hottest bitch at the function and get your very own Granny Panties.

The Golden Goose’s of Panties:

  • Don’t buy the wrong size and look at the damn chart.
  • Lightweight 88% polyester and 12% spandex blend.
  • Buy them and you’ll get laid the very day you buy them.
  • The Goldens are in.
  • Cute underwear and a great gift.
  • Perfect for highlighting your granny fetish.
  • Comes in Small to 2XL