For You - Endless Sound Valentine's Card


Ever wondered what it’s like to drive someone to insanity? Now you can with the "For You" Moaning Porn Sound Cardl!! 



We here at Dick At Your Door love a good dick prank. However, we know there are more nuanced and subtle pranks out there that will strike just as hard as our delicious chocolate dicks. That why we made the non-family friendly anti wholesome everlasting Valentines Day card.

Designed to look like a cute Valentine's Day Card, this card pack a wallop when the recipient opens it to hear what starts out as a country love song, only to quickly turn sexual and make porn sounds for hours without being able to turn it off.

The only way to stop the Valentine's girl moaning sound card is to tear the card to shreds. It’s simply diabolical.

Imagine your coworker opening this card in your hip and wide open office space. Screams of pleasure coming from his or her cubicle will no doubt earn a beat red face and a stern talking to.

Happy Pranking, Friends.