Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser


* With a simple button press, aerate and oxidize your wine up to 8 times. Impress your guests, elevate the atmosphere, and enhance the purity, aroma, luxury, and taste of your favorite red or white wine with our wine aerator.
This wine accessory includes an airtight rubber seal to maintain the freshness of your wine while you drink. The Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser is an ideal gift for party enthusiasts and hosts.

* Electronic Red Wine Aerator and Pourer with a Decanter Function, Designed to Remove Sediment and Operate Silently.
It fits any wine bottle thanks to its universal design, making it compatible with all bottle types. Additionally, it's portable and can be easily attached or detached for added convenience.

* Effortless to use and maintain. No dripping, lifting, aiming, or waiting required. Simply insert the tubes into clean water, press the white button, and complete the cleaning process once the water runs clear.