Baby Mute Prank Package


Are you looking for a hilarious and unforgettable way to prank your friends or family? Look no further than Baby Mute - the ultimate novelty gag gift packaging.

Our poly bags feature a picture of a cute baby wearing a silencer mask, along with the words "Baby Mute" in bold letters. Inside, you'll find nothing but air - the perfect way to pull off the ultimate prank.

Simply slip the envelope into a gift bag or leave it lying around for your unsuspecting victim to find. Watch as they try to figure out what on earth could be inside, only to be surprised with a whole lot of nothing.

You can also add 101 Ways To Not Kill Your Baby Book written by Brad Gosse, also the creator of Baby Mute Prank Package. 

Inside our padded envelope, your recipient will find a copy of "101 ways to not kill your baby," a humorous book filled with basic safety tips for new parents.

So why settle for boring old pranks when you can make a lasting impression with Baby Mute? Order now and get ready to bring some laughter and joy to your next prank!