Wicked Witch Bookmark

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Wizard of OZ wicked witch of the West
You can’t fail to find MyBookmark Wicked Witch, because she will find you! Just keep to the West, where the sun sets, as in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Amazing stripy legs are sticking out from the book, catching everyone’s attention. It’s hard to get your eyes off glossy red shoes. Moreover, bewitched owner enjoys reading more often, especially if it’s a kid!

Bright topic-starter and unique handmade gift!

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♥ Unique handmade product. Made in Ukraine.
♥ Length of the 'legs' - 2 ",total size (legs+bookmark) - 7,5x2"
♥ Materials: Polymer clay, acrylic paint, varnish, hard laminated cardboard
♥ Every bookmark is packed into individual box
♥ 2-3 days delivery in the USA
If you are interested in wholesale, please contact us here:olena.z@mybookmark-shop.com