Disappearing Dinosaur Heat Changing Mug

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Disappearing Dinosaur Heat Changing Mug

Whether dinosaurs went extinct due to climate change, disease, or geologic al events, one thing is for sure…we has humans (finally) can’t be blamed for something!

But here’s one thing we’re sure of over here at SUATMM, humans crave power. So we went ahead and made a mug that makes it so we can have the power of killing off these huge beasts! Simply add lava-hot water (or regularly heated water in a microwave will do, we were just trying to paint a picture for you) to the mug and suddenly the T-Rex and Raptor turn into just a skeleton of their former selves! Pretty awesome huh?!

Now SHUTUP and give me the details!

  • When you pour in a hot beverage, the dinosaurs transform into fossils
  • Microwave safe
  • Large mug; holds 12 oz