The Iconic Throw Pillow Collection


Remember your first computer? Your first time using a GUI? Your first glimpse of that candy-colored desktop? Your first MP3 player? Your first smartphone? No matter what age you are, one of these things has impacted your life in some way. And to think, they all came from the same beloved company! These devices let us realize our creative potential, connected us to each other to form meaningful relationships and of course... Changed. Our. World. 


  • Complete set (5) includes one of each: 1977 Pillow, 1984 Pillow, 1998 Pillow, 2001 Pillow & 2007 Pillow

  • 3D design

  • Ultra-soft 100% vegan fine grain plush

  • Poly fiber filling

  • Satin stitch embroidery detail

  • Measurements range approximately 7.5in x 4in x 13in (19cm x 10cm x 33cm) to 13in x 5in x 13in (33cm x 13cm x 33cm)

  • Woven label on back

  • Woven label on side

  • Premium quality and craftsmanship