Tall Octopus Whiskey and Wine Decanter

Paying homage to your love of wine and all things oceanic, the Wine Savant 500ml "Octopus" Decanter is the perfect way to bring personality to your entertaining. The distinctive shape of an octopus provides a unique touch to any table and adds a special flair to serving your favorite wines and spirits. Its unique design features exquisite tentacles to create the look of an underwater creature resting on the bottom of the ocean, perfect for an entertaining dinner with friends!
Made from hand blown borosilicate glass, this will both acclimate and aerate your wine as it pours out. The Wine Savant's Octopus Decanter has a striking appearance to accompany your finest wines. A visually stunning centerpiece as well as a highly functional wine decanter, it maintains the wine's original taste and aromas for a longer period of time. A gorgeous decanter that elevates wine serving to the next level, adding a touch of elegance to your dinner table or any special occasion.
The best wine and whiskey deserves the best decanter. From the first glug to the last sip, this slender, stoic piece of glassware will ensure a perfect pour every time. The Octopus decanter is an ideal complement to your favorite wines, regardless of where or when you choose to sip. With an elegant silhouette and a sturdy base, it makes serving your favorite wine simple. A must-have for collectors and casual wine lovers alike, it also makes an outstanding gift for friends and family!
The Wine Savant Tall Octopus Decanter is perfect for the wine drinker that loves to entertain. Ingeniously designed, the Octopus' tentacles slowly untwine as it winds down for an exquisite display. Enjoy your favorite red or white in all its glory. With a clever 16.5" height and 7" width design, eight arms turning and spinning, to release wine's optimal aromas. Give it a spin, so you can enjoy your favorite red or white wines the way they were meant to be enjoyed.
Brimming with grace and elegance, our elegant wine decanter embodies sophistication and form. The graceful details encompassing your wine decanting experience help to increase the aromatic qualities of your favorite vino, creating a unique experience with each pour. The Octopus decanter makes decanting your wine a thing of beauty. Add a touch of grace and class to your next wine tasting with this sculptural heirloom quality work of art