Dicey Party Game



The ultimate dangerously unpredictable drinking game to quench your drunken thirst! Dicey is one extremely fun party game you can play just about anywhere. The drinking rules are very simple to learn with this pick up and play game. Read your card, follow what it says, and battle it out until you've maximized your drinking fun, or until you need to sit out and hydrate. 


dicey expansion pack
  • 75 Dicey Game Cards
  • Single multi-colored d12 (12-sided die)
  • Dicey Box (with extra space for expansions!)


dicey how to play
  • 2 Players or More
  • ​Dicey Game
  • Dicey's multi-color 12-sided die
  • Beer (or alcoholic beverages of your choice)


Gather your party around the table and bust out your copy of Dicey.

​Lay out your 4 different stacks of cards and choose who would like to roll first.

Hand the first player the Dicey die and have them roll to see what color they get. 

The color the player rolls will match one of your 4 different piles of Dicey cards.

Players will take turns drawing one card from the top of the deck that correlates with the color they rolled. 

Basically, you roll the die to see your color, then draw that same color card from the decks in front of you. 

Easy enough! Right?

Not so fast drunkard...

After choosing a card, the player reads the card out loud and must perform what the card asks you to do.

Once you complete the game, whoever loses the round has to drink! 🍺


Group Play
dicey group play cards

The drinking exercises on these cards require the entire group to join in and play.
​Whoever loses the activity has to drink!

Face Off
dicey face off cards

These cards require two players to battle each other until someone is crowner the winner.
​To decide a winner, players who are left out must work together to decide who wins. 

dicey rules how to play

Draw this card and it adds a new drinking game rule to play.
​Read what's on the card and make sure you follow it or else! 

Wild Card
dicey wild card drinking games

A totally random assortment of hand picked games from Dicey's creative collection.
​Draw this card and play whatever game it says to play!
​Tipsy giggles will be had... 


Whoa now! Does there always have to be an ultimate victor?

​Dicey is what you make it!

Play for 30-minutes if you want, play the rest of the night, or play until you run out of beer for all we care!
(Disclaimer: actually we do care if you run out of beer because that sucks...)

Just be creative! 

If you absolutely need a winning person. Try out some of these suggestions below!

-Reward winners with the card drawn. Most cards collected wins!
-Tally up each persons losses. Player to lose the least wins Dicey!
-Elimination! If you lose 3 times, finish your drink and sit out.
-Flip a coin or something!